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How to Fail-proof Your Enterprise Social Network

When it comes to Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs), there is plenty of Kool-Aid being consumed. While vendors are advertising a 15 percent spike in employee productivity, a 2-4 percent increase in top-line revenue and a 34 percent reduction in e-mail load, many organizations are struggling to get employees to use them. Technology research company, Gartner, says 80 percent of…Continue Reading

10 Lessons Learned in Rolling Out a Social Intranet

Walgreen’s social intranet, The Wall, launched in 2013 and is in many ways already beginning to prove itself as a digital workplace where employees become informed, connected and engaged in a whole new way. As expected, the journey has had its challenges, and this webinar is designed to make that journey a little smoother for…Continue Reading

How to Use Co-Creation to Build Employee Voice and Engagement

Webinar excerpt: Tell me and I may hear. Tell me and let me add my 2-cents and now it’s our decision; I’m all in. Yes, one of the most powerful and proven catalysts to engagement is simply involving employees in generating ideas that address an organization’s most pressing challenges. By opening up these important conversations…Continue Reading

Internal Communications Unit Membership

If you’re like us, you are passionate about the critical role internal communication plays in the success of an organization. Almost everything good — and bad — happens because of what someone communicated, or failed to. The Internal Communications Unit (ICU) is a community of like-minded internal communicators and intranet professionals who want to stay abreast…Continue Reading

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