Buy Leads , RDP , SMTP , Cpanel
Buy Leads , RDP , SMTP , Cpanel
Buy Leads , RDP , SMTP , Cpanel
Join the Best Learning Network for Corporate Communicators

Join the Best Learning Network for Corporate Communicators

ASKad999Plug into the best online learning network for busy communication, HR, marketing & PR professionals.

Your membership includes one year access to the entire private ASK Learning Network.

  • Learn at your leisure from 100+ webinar replays

  • Attend all new webinars free during your membership

  • Network and ask questions with professional peers

  • Suggest topics for future webinars or e-learning courses


The ASK Learning Network includes classes on these critical areas to help you and your organization prosper:

math200OK, let’s do the math. If you are able to just get one key strategic question you’re struggling with figured out with the help of the brightest minds in the field, and it saved your organization X$’s the first year, and leads to you getting a pay raise or even a promotion … what is your membership worth? Or asked another way, what’s your career success worth? (Answer: way more than the $1095 annual membership). Give ASK a try and see for yourself.



ASK is designed for: Professionals working in all disciplines including employee engagement, communication leadership, social media, public relations, marketing-branding, intranets, HR, corporate social responsibility and an expanding list of related disciplines.

“With mountains of information at our fingertips, we need Sherpas to help us dig a path. With ASK, we can rely on our trusted peers, supplemented with a pool of other experts, to stay on top and even ahead. What’s also great about ASK is the sharing and collaboration. One time you’re a giver of advice and the next time you’re a beneficiary.” Mike Klein, The Intersection, Belgium

“This kind of a network is long needed–in that it offers access to a proven range of opinions instead of just a common base of experience. In so doing, it stands out from a lot of the breathless blather and baby talk that one finds all too often in discussions of these crucial issues.” Liz Guthridge, publisher, The Lean Communicator

Limited time offer: $1095/annual membership 


Training budget limited? Purchase a corporate membership (just $100 additional per staff member).

Questions? Just use this form, email customerservice [at] communitelligence [dot] com or call 904-588-2366.

* Each membership is for an individual and cannot be shared with any others. Memberships remain active if member changes jobs. Corporate memberships available – contact us).

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