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Communitelligence is designed to help corporate communicators smarter about what they do and how they do it. We do this by creating high-quality, practical webinars, elearning courses and communities of interest where you can learn and share with experts and peers.

Here’s a quick site map:

  • The ICU (Internal Communications Unit) is a learning network focused on internal communications, intranets and enterprise social networks. Learn more and join
  • The ASK (Ask – Share – Know) Learning Network is a learning network aimed at PR, marketing, crisis and social media professionals. Learn more and join
  • Braintrust is a repository of selected articles, categorized by topic, from the Communitelligence archive
  • Inner Circle is a composite list of experts, authors and practitioners who have presented at Communitelligence events (thanks much!)
  • The Communitelligence Store is the place to shop to find more than 100 online webinars for purchase

Join, learn and share. Remember, all of us are smarter than one of us.


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