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I’m Phil Douglis, Director of The Douglis Visual Workshops, located in Phoenix, Arizona. I have been training organizational communicators in visual literacy since 1971, and am an Accredited Business Communicator and Fellow of the International Association of Business Communicators. Over the years, I’ve presented more than eleven hundred workshops to more than 10,000 organizational communicators. I have also been writing columns on photojournalism for the International Association of Business Communicators since 1964, and have contributed columns and articles to many Ragan publications over the years. I now offer all of my training programs as one-on-one tutorial workshops in digital imaging and photographic communication. These tutorials provide flexibility in cost, length, and content, extend from one to four days, include hands-on projects and intensive field work, and can be adjusted to cover everything from basic digital photography skills and photo-editing, to photographic expression. I offer these tutorials in Phoenix, Arizona, on dates selected by participants. You can request information, or schedule training, by sending an email to me at

I now spend much of my time traveling internationally, and enjoy expressing ideas about the places I visit with a camera. Interpretive photography adds a great dimension to travel, and produces knowledge that I can put back into my teaching. I’ve posted a ‘cyberbook’ entitled “Travel Photojournalism: Communicating with Pictures,” featuring nearly 3000 images, at

In 2009, I produced a new book through entitled “Images and Ideas,” which features 160 of my images displayed as pairs, each pair representing an idea in itself. You can preview the book and/or order a copy in any of three different formats at the link below:

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