Just Like Children Watch Their Parents, Your Stakeholders Are Watching You

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As a leader, you must understand that your stakeholders are watching you, most every minute, most every day.

And they’re learning.

They’re learning if you care about them.

They’re learning if you believe in them.

They’re learning if you believe in yourself.

They’re learning if you believe what you’re saying.

They’re watching to see if you walk the talk or just crawl a little.

They’re waiting for you to slip up and reveal the man behind the curtain, or the phantom behind the mask.

Because they’ve been taught not to trust leaders lately.

Enron, WorldCom, Steroids and Corked Bats, American Idol, Sarbanes-Oxley, all the fine print, the word “virtually.”

All lies and manipulation, clouding their heads and wounding their hearts.

So they’re desperate for truth. Which is why they’re watching and listening.

Everything you say and do and write communicates. Everything you don’t say and don’t do and don’t write communicates.

So, yes, they’re watching you.

And, yes, it’s an awesome responsbility.

But, if you want to be a leader, you know all about responsibility.

They’re watching you… and learning.

Be aware of that.

And then forget it and just be yourself. Someone who cares. Someone with courage. Someone who gets it.

They’re watching… and I’m guessing they like what they see.

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