Using Stage Lights

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To create a cross lighting situation, try getting two stage lights, each hung from a “tree.” A tree is just a big metal pole that sits in a round heavy base with a smaller metal pole across the top that holds one to four stage lights. Position the trees on opposite sides of the room.

A typical stage light is called a Leiko. It is usually 500 to 750 watts (or more) and has four adjustable shutters for directing (cropping) the light into a target area without spilling onto another area, specifically the screen.

When you use stage lights on trees, it’s best when the ceiling height is 15 feet or higher, and free from obstructions such as low-hanging chandeliers. Higher ceilings allow the light to cast down onto you and create less spill onto the front rows of the audience.

The lower the ceiling, the lower the lights hang from the tree. Low hanging lights usually spill into the first few rows of the audience, and you end up with shadows of people on your body as you move in the Presenter’s Triangle (TM). Use the shutters to crop the lights from the bottom if the ceilings are too low.

Finally, add a dimmer pack to adjust the light level so that the presenter can still see the audience while speaking. A dimmer pack can be a small switch with a rotating round knob or it can be a complete lighting board with moving levers to reduce the intensity of the lights.

Tom Mucciolo – MediaNet, Inc.

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