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Buy Leads , RDP , SMTP , Cpanel
Buy Leads , RDP , SMTP , Cpanel
Gaining Control of Approvals, Reviews and Other Production Headaches

Gaining Control of Approvals, Reviews and Other Production Headaches

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Learn how to gain control of your production processes, no matter how obstacle-ridden they might be.

The creative fun of communicating can be quickly overshadowed by the headaches of getting things through the process. Whether the source of your migraine is source reviews, management approvals or just keeping all the moving parts in sync, relief is on the way. You can gain control of your production processes, no matter how obstacle-ridden they might be, and this session teaches you how!

The six-person Editorial Services team at Philip Morris USA produces hundreds of stories, speeches and other writing projects per year. Add to this huge volume the challenges of working in a closely watched industry and the approval process becomes extremely complex. Hear how this team created tools — from a Job Request Form to an online Content Tracker — that keep stories moving at an amazing rate. Find out how they use client feedback, not only to improve their writing but also to improve their content management tools.

Learning topics:

  • Why and how to create content management tools, and why you should keep tweaking them
  • How to master the tactics of communication production, while staying focused on strategy
  • How to minimize management and legal approval headaches — before they start
  • How to manage internal clients’ expectations
  • How to influence others in your company to follow your production processes

Robert and Denise answer real-world questions on:

  • The decision to outsource writing and the tools that have helped make this work smoothly
  • The response rate on post-work survey, and how to encourage clients to fill the forms
  • Phillip Morris’ Content Tracker
  • Additional tools in the works
  • Integrating proofreading into the system and other quality control measures
  • Typical turnaround time on review processes
  • Getting information released

Who should purchase:

This practical, information-packed learning opportunity is ideal for managers and professionals in:

  • Corporate Communications
  • Internal Communications
  • Public Affairs
  • Web Management
  • Speechwriting
  • Publication Management
  • Anyone who is responsible for producing content
  • College/university libraries and bookstores

About the Instructors:

Robert5cRobert J. Holland, ABC, is owner of Holland Communication Solutions LLC in Richmond, Va. After more than 12 years in corporate communications with AT&T, Lucent Technologies and Capital One, Robert formed his company in 2000 to help clients align communication programs with business goals. He has helped leading organizations such as the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Freddie Mac, Media General and Wells Fargo with services ranging from strategic communication planning to measurement. He is a frequent regional and national speaker, and he writes an award-winning column, “Communication at Work,” for He is author of Prove Your Worth: The Complete Guide to Measuring the Business Value of Communication, published by Ragan Communications. Robert is also co-leader of the Communitelligence Internal Communications community.

Denise Koenig is manager of Editorial Services for Philip Morris USA in Richmond, Va. She has worked for the company since 1984, from coordinating and editing plant-level communications in Louisville, Ky., to managing communications for multiple manufacturing plants in Richmond. Beginning in 2003, she built the team of five editorial consultants she now manages, all of whom work in their individual offices. Denise manages the team’s production of content for executive communications, the Web site, the intranet, speeches and special publications. She is a graduate of Ball State University with a bachelor’s in journalism and political science.

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