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Phil Douglis’ Lessons in Landscape Photography

Phil Douglis' Lessons in Landscape Photography


The familiar profile of Half Dome is over eight miles from this viewpoint, which is just beyond a tunnel cutting through the middle of a granite cliff.

From Phil Douglis’ Wisdom Lesson: Landscape Photography


While visiting Chengdu’s Panda Research Center, we came upon a class of local students training for jobs in the hospitality and tourism industries. They were at the Center, no doubt, because of its importance to tourism in the area. The group was made up primarily of young women — the fellow in this picture has a tough act to follow.
Copyright 2004 Phil Douglis

Lisbon, Portugal, 2004
Lisbon’s famous Elevador da Gloria is bright yellow funicular street car that rattles up the steep hill to the Bairro Alto neighborhood. Needless to say it was out of service the day I wanted to take it. So I photographed Lisboans taking the long steep walk on foot. (The graffiti on the wall behind her is probably somebody’s signature.) 
Shanghai sits on the sea at the mouth of the Yangtze. Its land space is limited, and its eight million people make the population density of Shanghai one of the highest in the world. Its skyscrapers reach towards the heavens, as does this monument in the People’s Park. Copyright 2004 Phil DouglisDiscu
Yellow, White and Red

The colors of fall and winter greet each other near Bridgeport.

From Phil Douglis’ Wisdom Lesson: Landscape Photography


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